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How can I see certificates for all or only one of my companies in CertCapture?


You have several companies in CertCapture and you want to know how to tell which of your company profiles a certificate or customer record is under, and how to search in all companies at once, or only one.


Avalara CertCapture


  • To see certificates for only one company, select that company from the company drop-down list at the top of the page
    • All searches, reports, and certificate/customer records you review will belong to that company alone
  • To search through all company profiles in your account, do not select a company
    • All companies you have access to will be included in your queries
    • You will see results for all companies in search, reports, certificate/customer records
      • Using quick Search next to company selection, under the Customer number, "For Company Name" indicates which company profile the record exists under
      • Using regular Search you will see your company profile the record exists under listed in column Client


Note: Features which are only available at the company level are not available until you select a Company. Adding certificates, adding customers, or sending certificate requests is company specific, so it is only possible once the user has selected a company.





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