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How can I search for drop ship customers in CertCapture?


You want to know how to find customers in CertCapture which have an Exposure Zone that is attached to them but is not the state where they are located, to find drop ship customer records.


Avalara CertCapture


  • Go to Search > Customer Search > Advanced Search > make the following selections, from top to bottom (example DropShip state is California:
    • Customer Criteria:
      • State: Select every state except the DropShip state of exposure (in this case California):'Alabama', 'Alaska', 'Arizona', 'Arkansas', 'Colorado', 'Connecticut', 'Delaware', 'District Of Columbia', 'Florida', 'Georgia', 'Hawaii', 'Idaho', 'Illinois', 'Indiana', 'Iowa', 'Kansas', 'Kentucky', 'Louisiana', 'Maine', 'Maryland', 'Massachusetts', 'Michigan', 'Minnesota', 'Mississippi', 'Missouri', 'Montana', 'Nebraska', 'Nevada', 'New Hampshire', 'New Jersey', 'New Mexico', 'New York', 'North Carolina', 'North Dakota', 'Ohio', 'Oklahoma', 'Oregon', 'Pennsylvania', 'Rhode Island', 'South Carolina', 'South Dakota', 'Tennessee', 'Texas', 'Utah', 'Vermont', 'Virginia', 'Washington', 'West Virginia', 'Wisconsin', 'Wyoming', 'Ontario', 'Puerto Rico', 'Alberta', 'British Columbia', 'Manitoba', 'New Brunswick', 'Newfoundland', 'Nova Scotia', 'Quebec', 'Saskatchewan', 'Northwest Territories', 'Nunavut', 'Yukon', 'Armed Forces Europe', 'Armed Forces Pacific', 'Armed Forces The Americas', 'American Samoa', 'Federated States of Micronesia', 'Guam', 'Marshall Islands', 'Northern Mariana Islands', 'Palau', 'U.S. Minor Outlying Islands', 'Virgin Islands of the U.S.', 'Prince Edward Island', 'Canada' 
    • Customer Exempt/Exposure Reasons:
      • Customer reason in any of the following exposure zones: Select the DropShip state of exposure (in this case California)
      • Customer has any of the following documented reasons: Select every EXPOSURE reason: 'EXPOSURE: NON-DELIVERABLE', 'EXPOSURE', 'EXPOSURE: MISSING CERT', 'EXPOSURE: EXPIRED CERT', 'EXPOSURE: INVALID CERT', 'EXPOSURE: INDIRECT CERT'
  • This will pull up all customers in your account which are not located in California and have California attached to them, but do not have an active certificate in California.