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How can I copy multiple email addresses in a Mailing Campaign request sent from CertCapture?


You want to send a certificate request to multiple email addresses in a mailing campaign certificate request.


Avalara CertCapture


  • Only only one email address is listed on a customer record, so only one email is sent per customer in CertCapture

  • You can create a ShipTo customer record with a different email address, link them, then include the ShipTo and BillTo records in a mailing campaign so they also get a request.

    • This sends multiple request emails, each as their own request

    • Make sure to use the same company name and address as you would want preprinted on their certificates for all records.

    • When validating certificates make sure to attach the primary customer record

  • Currently it is not possible to copy additional parties on campaign emails, only one email is sent per customer