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How are vendor discounts processed on my liability worksheet?


You would like to know how vendor discounts are processed and displayed on your liability worksheet.


Avalara Returns


  • Vendor discounts for the current period are displayed in the Return Remittance section of your liability worksheet for any given state.
    • This amount is not present on your liability worksheet prior to approving and is added at the time of filing your return.
      • This is due to Avalara not knowing what our customers are eligible to receive until we file the return.
    • Because of this process, the Remit to Avalara amount is higher than the amount paid to the jurisdiction.
  • The left over amount will be rolled over to the next period to reduce the Remit to Avalara amount.
    • These are labeled as prior period discounts.
    • This amount is presented on your liability worksheet during the reconciling and approval period, 1st through the 10th, of each month.
  • You can see the vendor discounts listed on the Liability Worksheet Return Detail report.
    • Current period discounts are listed in column Z.
    • Prior period discounts are listed in column V.

Note: There are instances where you will see the negative discount accompanied by a matching positive amount, labeled as an "Offset", effectively cancelling out the vendor discount. This is due to the Remit to Avalara amount in the prior period being $0 or negative. Avalara would not apply the prior period discount as nothing is owed back.

Next Steps

For further training in reconciling vendor discounts and other liability differences on your liability worksheet, please attend our Liability Worksheet Webinar and/or our Reconciliation Webinar.