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Does Avalara support Chicago's Lease Tax or Amusement Tax?


The city of Chicago has implemented an Amusement Tax and a Lease Tax at 9%. I want to know if Avalara supports these two tax rates.




  • Avalara does not currently support Amusement Tax for the City of Chicago.
    • Create a custom rule to accommodate this tax
    • If filing of this is needed, it would have to be handled with an alternative solution such as filing in-house.
  • Avalara does support the Chicago Lease Tax with Avalara system tax codes but does not file Lease Tax, unless you have a Premium Returns account. Please contact your Customer Account Manager (CAM) about Premium Returns.
      • The code works even with IL origins, as they reverse the sourcing and make the destination the city of Chicago
      • SW050401 calculates at a 9% rate for the Chicago Personal Property Lease transaction Tax District