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Will voiding test transactions affect us after going live


After doing tests transactions and then voiding out those transactions in our live account affect our numbers



Avalara Avatax



  • In your Avalara Admin Console go to the Organization tab
  • Create a new company by clicking the orange "New" button
  • Choice the company type "Part of Multi-Company Organization"
  • Choice Original company as parent company
  • Choice yes for separate reporting entity and "Inherit Tax Profile"
  • Choice a company name and code (We recommend anything with the word "Test")
  • We recommend that Rounding Level and Freight & Handling Tax Dependency match the parent company
  • Address, TIN/BIN and Primary contact for company can be made up
  • Location Code is user defined and will pull the address from the address section when manually entering transactions when selected - Select a catagory that best fits what the location is
  • When you get to "Define how the Company is used. Is this a Test Company?" Choice yes
  • Change the company code within your ERP to your new test company and run the test
  • After your are done with the tests don't forget to change the Company Code back to your original Company Code.