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Why does the Form Data tab of the exemption certificate editor lock my browser up intermittently?


There is an issue I have every so often when editing an new certificate set-up in the Exemption Certificate Editor. When I click on the FORM DATA Tab, even if I do not make any changes, the SAVE window pops up. I click YES, it closes and pops up again and again. If I click NO or CANCEL, and try to go to another tab, it pops up again requiring another save. Only in closing down my web session can I start over again. 


Avatax Certs


This is known behavior of the Form Data field. To resolve this please:

  • Go to the Exemption cert editor for that cert
  • Click Form data
  • Choose an option (Leave Blank) and click Save
  • Now you should be able to tab between windows within the editor without issue.