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Avalara AvaTax for Workday Release Notes

This article applies to:Avalara AvaTax for Workday

Read the release notes to learn about the latest additions, changes, and fixes to AvaTax for Workday.

AvaTax for Workday 2.2

AvaTax for Workday 2 release 2.2, August 17, 2018  


  • AvaTax for Workday is now converted to AvaTax REST v2


  • There are four configuration options to select from to indicate the item code and tax code that is passed to AvaTax, including the legacy option from releases prior to Workday 1.8 (backwards compatibity)
  • We now support three decimal places for tax rates and tax amounts within Workday

AvaTax for Workday 2.1

AvaTax for Workday 2 release 2.1, April 13, 2018  


  • Fixed an issue with bad addresses being removed when running the Address validation integration
  • Fixed an issue where no report was generated when running the Address validation integration
  • Fixed an issue where the Worktag value was not being passed as Tax code if selected on line level 


  • General performance improvements, reducing latency by using optimized Workday 29 XPath

AvaTax for Workday 2 release 2.0.1, February 20, 2018  


  • You can now lock an invoice that has a customer contract line and deferred revenue by selecting both Lock WD Invoice After Post to Avalara and Disable Deferred Revenue while Locking the Invoice.

Older releases

AvaTax for Workday 1

AvaTax for Workday 1 release 1.9, October 27, 2017


  • Added Address Validation report. This report is generated after the Address Validation utility is executed and displays detailed validation result 


  • Label changes:  
    • Account number changed to Account number / Username
    • License Key changed to License Key / Password
  • Updated errors and messages displayed for AvaValidateCustomerAddress  


  • Fixed the "Unable to Lock Document in Workday" error. Transaction details in Workday and AvaTax are now in sync.  
  • Fixed the tax calculation error when there were special characters in Address_ID   
  • Fixed the "Total Amount mismatch" error that occurred during reconciliation. In AvaTax, the sales tax amounts are rounded off and then saved which was resulting in sales tax amount mismatch during reconciliation.  

Older releases


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