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Avalara AvaTax for QuickBooks Desktop Release Notes

Read the release notes to learn about the latest additions, changes, and fixes to AvaTax for QuickBooks Desktop.

AvaTax for QuickBooks Desktop

AvaTax for QuickBooks Desktop release, December 21, 2018


  • Added a tax item rollback utility. Use this utility to restore tax items to what they were before you installed AvaTax.


  • Renamed the reconciliation window AvaTax Reconciliation
  • Entity use code F is now "Religious Organization"
  • Added entity use code M - "Educational Organization"
  • Improved the AvaTax for QuickBooks Desktop setup wizard:
    • Added a message to let you know when the setup wizard finishes
    • Added buttons that make it easier to select/deselect tax items
    • The window pops up on top of your desktop (now it won't get lost if you're using many apps at once)


  • Fixed an issue that prevented tax calculation on the first transaction sent to AvaTax for some users
  • Fixed an issue with the tax schedule that caused an error
  • Fixed an issue with the Batch Address Validation utility that caused an error
  • Fixed an issue with user permissions that resulted in a "StatusCode 3260" error
  • Fixed an issue where tax was being calculated using different origin addresses for transactions with the same Site ID

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