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Get Started with the AvaTax API

Set up Avalara products to make your business tax compliant. Gather information about your business, set up AvaTax to work with your accounting software, and learn how Avalara's integration software works.

 How integrations work

AvaTax integrations connect AvaTax to your accounting software, such as an ERP, CRM, e commerce, or mobile payment application. 

Gather information about your business

AvaTax needs details about your business in order to calculate tax correctly. Much of this information should match what's in your accounting software, which should already be up and running. Keep this information handy in order to answer questions and make decisions during installation and configuration.

Login credentials

  • Admin Console account login and password. Avalara credentials arrive in email. Check your junk email folder if you haven't received them within two days of purchase. If the email doesn't arrive, contact Avalara Support for help.
  • CertCapture account login and password (if you've purchased CertCapture)

Everything else

  • Administrative credentials and login information for your accounting software
  • Name and address of the financial institution funding your sales tax liabilities (if you've purchased Returns)
  • A list of the states and jurisdictions in which you're registered to collect and remit sales and use tax
  • Complete company information, including:
    • Legal company name
    • Addresses for each of your business locations
    • Primary contact information
    • A list of your exempt customers
    • Copies of valid compliance documents
    • A list of goods and services you sell

See an overview of the API implementation process

Quickbooks - All Products.png

Build your API integration to AvaTax

Follow the checkmarks below to set up the right Avalara products. For example, if you have only AvaTax, follow the steps in the AvaTax column.

Step AvaTax CertCapture Returns Webinar

1. Activate AvaTax and set up your company profile

Blue Check - 50x50 - Transparent.png    

2. Exempt customers from sales tax Blue Check - 50x50 - Transparent.png Blue Check - 50x50 - Transparent.png  
3. Manage taxability of products and services Blue Check - 50x50 - Transparent.png    
4. Introduction to the AvaTax API Blue Check - 50x50 - Transparent.png      
5. Design and build your integration Blue Check - 50x50 - Transparent.png      

6. Test your integration

Blue Check - 50x50 - Transparent.png Blue Check - 50x50 - Transparent.png    
7. Contact Avalara Support to request account migration from development to production Blue Check - 50x50 - Transparent.png Blue Check - 50x50 - Transparent.png    

8. Set up Returns in your production account

    Blue Check - 50x50 - Transparent.png

Once you've integrated with Avalara products and services, take a look at what you can expect during your first filing period.  

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