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Top 3 extractor tips

This article applies to:AvaTax

Here are some tips to help you fix transaction errors and find imported transactions. 

Troubleshooting transaction errors

If there are errors during the daily transaction sync, the transactions with errors aren't listed on the Transactions page or included in reports and returns until you fix the errors. When errors occur, resubmit the transactions to see if that resolves them.  

Tips for ongoing maintenance

When you connect a new extractor, we generate a unique data source ID for the connection. Use the data source ID to find transactions that have been imported to our platform.

If you change your license key, pause automatic syncing or delete the active connection and set it up again.

Tips to reconcile returns

  • Managed Returns customers: Run reports to check for imported transaction differences, for example, to look for differences between the tax we calculate and the tax your marketplace calculates.
  • Returns for Small Business customers: Go to Returns > File returns > View return details and adjustments to check for imported transaction differences.
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