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Resubmit multiple transactions imported by Avalara Extractor at once

Sometimes, the best thing to try first when a transaction imported by Extractor has an error is to resubmit the transaction. While you can open each transaction and resubmit one at a time, resubmitting multiple transactions at once is usually more efficient.


  1. In Avalara, select Repair the transactions in an error notification to go to the Transaction Repair page.
    On the Transaction Repair page, only transactions with errors display.
  2. If you want to further limit which transactions display, use the filters above the list of transactions .

    Tip icon

    Select + Filters to display additional filter options.

  3. Select the transactions to resubmit.
    • To select all of the displayed transactions, select the checkbox in the row of labels for the list of transactions.
    • To select specific transactions, select the checkbox next to them.
  4. Select Resubmit and then select Yes, resubmit.
    The selected transactions are resubmitted, a message displays that indicates how many transactions were repaired by being resubmitted, and repaired transactions no longer display in the list of transactions.

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    A transaction can have more than one error, but only one error displays at a time. Resubmitting may clear some errors on a transaction but not all.

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