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Prepare to add a new marketplace location when using an extractor

When you set up an extractor, we use the information in your company profile to automatically create new marketplace locations for the company for relevant marketplace fairness states that require special reporting at that time. Each of these is marked as an online marketplace where the marketplace collects and pays tax, and transactions from them are identified as deductions.

If a marketplace identifies a new state where it collects and pays tax for you, you need to create a new location for the appropriate company in Avalara to reflect this change. The new location retroactively applies to older transactions imported by Extractor from this state that have the same location code and have not yet been filed as part of a return. (Every transaction you import using Extractor includes a location code. Location codes help you know where you generated a sale.)

Before you create the new location, you need to get the location code.


  1. In Avalara, go to Transactions > Transactions.
  2. Find a transaction imported by Extractor from the same marketplace and copy its location code.
    • If you've already imported transactions from the location you're setting up, sort the transactions by location code and look by marketplace and then state to find a transaction from the location.
      For example, for a new location that's sold through Amazon and shipping to Washington state, look first for Amazon and then scroll down the Amazon transactions to find those from Washington.
    • If you haven't already imported transactions from the location, copy the location code from a transaction imported by Extractor from the same marketplace as the location you're setting up.
      For example, for a new location that's using Amazon, copy the location code from any transaction imported by Extractor from Amazon.

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    If you don't see the Location Code column, select Customize Columns, select + Column, and then select Location Code.
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