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Pause an extractor or delete the active connection

You can pause automatic syncing by an extractor or delete the active connection entirely. To do so, you must be an account administrator.


  1. In Avalara, go to Settings > Integrations.
  2. On the connection you want to pause, turn off the toggle. Automatic syncing of transactions is paused.

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    When you want to begin automatically syncing transactions again, just turn the connection back on. Transactions sync again, including those created during the pause.
  3. Before you delete the connection entirely, repair or delete any transactions imported by the connection that have errors.
    Once you delete the connection, you won't be able to fix the transactions or include them in your returns, and they trigger an additional error.
    1. Copy the data source ID from the tile of the extractor connection you paused.
    2. Go to Transactions > Transactions and select Repair the transactions.
      If you don't see the warning message with that button, you don't have any errors to resolve; continue to step 4.
    3. On the Transaction Repair page, select + Filters, enter the data source ID in Document Code, and select Apply. Transactions with errors imported by that extractor connection display.
      If you re-add an extractor connection to the same marketplace and company after you delete the current connection, it will have a new data source ID.
    4. Resolve errors or delete the transactions.
  4. To delete the connection entirely, select the Trash Can icon and then select Delete.
    Extractor connections can only be deleted when they're off. 
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