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Manage transactions originating from unlisted marketplaces

If you have an extractor for a platform that aggregates transactions from multiple marketplaces (sometimes known as sales channels or origination sources), the extractor imports all transactions aggregated by your platform, regardless of the marketplace from which it originates.

You must take steps to help us determine correct tax liability for your company if both of the following apply:

  • One or more of the marketplaces from which transaction data is being aggregated by your platform is not on the list of marketplaces on the confirmation page during extractor setup.
  • For the unlisted marketplace(s), the marketplace collects and pays tax. 

If you have an AvaTax subscription, create an advanced rule for each of the unlisted marketplaces. Otherwise, follow the steps below to manage transactions originating from those marketplaces.


  1. In Avalara, go to Transactions > Transactions.
  2. Select the document code of the transaction from the unlisted marketplace.
  3. Select Edit document details.
  4. For Marketplace code, select Yes.
  5. Save the transaction.
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