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Errors with transactions during Avalara Extractor sync

Sometimes there are errors during the daily Extractor sync. Until you repair them, the transactions with errors won't be shown with other transactions on the Transactions page or included in reports or returns. If you delete the extractor connection that imported them before you repair those transactions, you won't be able to fix the transactions or include them in your returns, and they trigger an additional error.

Transactions with errors are deleted if they aren't repaired by the expiration date listed on the Transaction Repair page, which is 14 months after Extractor attempts to import them.

Error notifications

You're notified that there are errors to be resolved in a few places in Avalara.

  • A notification displays on the Avalara home page and on the Transactions page. This notification includes a button you can click to go to the Transaction Repair page where all transactions with errors are listed.
  • A notification displays on the individual transaction in Avalara with more information about the specific error impacting that transaction.
  • A yellow outline displays on the tile for the connection that had the errors in Avalara at Settings > Integrations on the Manage tab. This notification will be deprecated in 2020.

    A warning icon

    The yellow outline only indicates that there are new transactions with errors since the last error file was generated. No yellow outline does not mean there are no errors.

Resolving errors

Use the information that displays on the Transaction Repair page and the individual transactions to resolve the errors. Only 1 million transactions with errors are kept in Avalara, so don't put off resolving errors for too long.

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A transaction can have more than one error, but only one error displays at a time.

A couple common solutions apply to most transactions with errors.

  • Resubmit the transactions with errors. Errors that might be fixed that way include that information in the error message. You can resubmit many transactions at once without leaving the Transaction Repair page.
  • Update the ship-to address for customers who chose not to disclose it. (For transaction errors due to undisclosed addresses in your marketplace, check for a help topic for your particular extractor to learn how to resolve them.)
  • View and edit the details of the transaction to find and repair errors.
    • Remember to check the notification at the top of the transaction for information about which details might need attention.
    • After you select Edit document details, you might need to select Use header level addresses to make changes to the addresses on the transaction.
    • If you have multiple ship-to addresses on a transaction, look at line-level addresses to verify or edit them. To make changes to or add line-level addresses, select the Pencil icon beside the appropriate line item, select Add additional information, and then select This line item has its own origin/destination address.
    • After you edit an individual transaction, select Resubmit to save the changes and resubmit the transaction.

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Want to compare the transaction in your system to the imported version in ours? The first segment of the document code in Avalara is the transaction code from your platform.

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