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Set up Connector for Squarespace

This article applies to:Connector for Squarespace

After you create your initial company profile, set up Connector for Squarespace to enable the flow of information between your platform and ours.

Before you begin

  • Create the site on Squarespace for which you want to set up the connector.


  1. On the Squarespace Extensions page, search for and add the Avalara extension to the desired site, selecting Allow to grant the extension the necessary permissions.
    The page opens to set up your free AvaTax trial.
  2. Enter the requested information and then select Start free trial.
  3. On the next page, enter the requested information to create your Avalara account, select I agree to the Avalara Terms and Conditions, and then select Create.
  4. Use the email you entered on the previous page as your username and the password you just created to sign in to Avalara.
  5. Read the notification about where you are set up to pay tax in AvaTax and select Continue.
    The Avalara home page opens, with links for fine tuning your account that you can use at any time.

    Tip icon

    Currently, Connector for Squarespace does not allow tax codes to be passed, so items mapping items to tax codes won't have an effect on your transactions.

  6. In your Squarespace site configuration, enable automatic tax rates.
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