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Use Type and tax calculation

This article applies to:AvaTax

The Connector for Salesforce Brazil B2B Lightning implements the Use Type attribute which impacts tax calculation based on the usage or consumption of the goods ordered. The Use Type tax attribute is applicable at the product level. The default attribute value is Use or Consumption. You can set a default value or change it from the Salesforce admin console. As a B2B company administrator, you can also change the default Use Type from the Salesforce storefront. The following Use Type attributes are available:

  • Use or Consumption
  • Resale
  • Agricultural Production
  • Production
  • Fixed Assets

The Use Type field in the storefront is optional and not part of the standard installation. It is provided separately as a custom code. You can embed the custom code at the item level in the shopping cart depending on your page theme.

If the Use Type option is available in the storefront, it displays the default value. During order processing, logged-in customers and guest customers can change the Use Type at the product level from the shopping cart. The new Use Type applies only to that particular order and does not affect the default value. When the customer makes an instant purchase, the default Use Type, configured by the customer company, is applied.

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