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Avalara Connector for Salesforce Subscription Management Release Notes

Read the release notes to learn about the new features, latest changes, improvements, and fixes to Connector for Salesforce Subscription Management.

Connector for Salesforce Subscription Management Release Notes (2022 releases)

Release Date: 25, November 2022

Release Version: v2.0


  • Salesforce Subscription Management is enhanced to support the Ship From address during the Tax Calculation.
    (If ShipFrom address is not provided in the request from Salesforce to Avalara then it should take the ShipFrom address from the Tax Engine Address and calculate the taxes based on the ShipFrom and ShipTo (provided in the request) and send the response back)


  • Fixed the issues related to the secret key that is used for encryption of license key.

System Integration Document

September 1, 2022

Release v0.1 (beta)   [Release notes from development]

What's New

Avalara’s Connector for Salesforce Subscription Management package is currently targeted for Dreamforce event.

The connector also comes with the following features:

  • User can generate transactions using the workbench and verify the tax calculated in AvaTax, based on the tax code and tax type passed in the request.
  • User can exempt customer and verify the tax amount is exempted for that specific transaction in AvaTax.

To get started with Connector for Salesforce Subscription Management, download, install and configure the latest version of the connector. Learn more

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