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Add multiple records at once to CertCapture or Exemptions from Salesforce Sales Cloud

This article applies to:Connector for Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud integrates directly with CertCapture and Exemptions, allowing you to add customers and their exemptions certificates from within Salesforce Sales Cloud. While you'll have to add exemption certificate images one at a time, you can add multiple customer records to your Avalara exemption product at once.

Before you begin

Make sure Enable Tax Exemptions is turned on in configuration settings.


  1. In Salesforce Sales Cloud, on the Accounts object, select a list view that will have the records you want to add, and then select Go.
  2. Make sure all of the accounts you want to add have:
    • The billing and shipping addresses
    • The customer email addresses (optional but recommended)
  3. Select all the accounts you want to add, and then select Add Customer(s) to AvaTax Exemption.
    The records upload to CertCapture or Exemptions, depending on which product you use, a unique AvaTax Exemption Customer ID is added to each account record in Salesforce Sales Cloud, and upload results display.
    • Error Records – Records that didn’t upload due to errors with the record, usually because they didn’t have full addresses
    • Updated AvaTax Records without Email – Records that uploaded but didn't have an email address on them
    • Duplicate Records – Records that didn't upload because they appear to be duplicates of records you’ve previously added
    • Updated AvaTax Records with Email - Records that uploaded and had all necessary and recommended information
  4. Open each customer account record to add their exemption certificates.
    1. In the Tax Exemption Certificates section, select New Tax Exemption Certificate.
    2. Enter the required information on the page that opens, and then select Save.
      A tax exemption certificate record is created.
    3. Select Save Certificate.
      The tax exemption certificate record is saved to your Avalara exemptions product.
    4. In the Files section, select Upload Files, browse to and select the .pdf or image file that contains the exemption certificate image, and then select Open.
      The image is attached to the tax exemption record in Salesforce Sales Cloud.
    5. Select Upload Certificate, select the image to upload, and then select Upload.
      The image uploads to your Avalara exemptions product, and transactions you create for the customer in the exemption zone you chose when creating this exemption will be exempted.

      Tip icon

      If you want to deactivate an exemption certificate at any time, on the tax exemption record, select Invalidate Certificate.
    6. To return to the tax exemption record, select Back.