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Establish a connection between Salesforce Lightning Order Management and AvaTax

After you install it, connect Salesforce Lightning Order Management to AvaTax.

Before you begin

Have your account number and license key with you.


  1. Sign in to Salesforce, open App Launcher, and select Avalara AvaTax. AvaTax Settings opens.
  2. From Select Sales Channel, select the site you're connected to in Salesforce.
  3. Enter the following under AvaTax Options: 
    • Tax Calculation - Enable to have AvaTax calculate tax on your transactions and sync the transactions with Avalara. We recommend enabling this option.
    • Tax Inclusive - Enable to indicate that the prices of your items in Salesforce already include tax.
    • Default Shipping Method Tax Code - Enter the tax code for your default shipping method. AvaTax uses this code if a line item doesn’t specify a shipping method.
    • Sales Channel - Displays the site you selected previously.
    • AvaTax Company - Select the company you set up in Avalara for the Salesforce site you selected previously.
    • Customer Code - Select which information from the customer record is sent to AvaTax as the customer code.    .
      For guest customers, the email they enter is used
  4. Enter the address to use as the default ship-from address under Address Details.
  5. Enter the following under AvaTax Service Credentials, select Text Connection to confirm what you enter, and then select Save:
    • Account Number - Enter your Avalara account number.
    • License Key - Enter the license key we sent you in email.
    • Environment - Select whether this is a sandbox or production account.
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