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Options for exempting customers in Salesforce CPQ

This article applies to:Connector for Salesforce CPQ

If you regularly sell to tax-exempt customers, you need to consistently exempt their purchases. If you don't already have a way to exempt customers, here are the options available to you through Avalara.

Use CertCapture or Exemptions

CertCapture is the most comprehensive solution for managing exemption certificates and other compliance documents. This product must be purchased separately. Contact your Account Manager for more information.

Exemptions is included with AvaTax. To activate Exemptions in AvaTax, select Exemptions and then select Get Set Up. For more information, see set up Exemptions.

For CertCapture or Exemptions to work properly with Salesforce CPQ, enable exemptions and add the recommended buttons to the Accounts page.

Once you set up CertCapture or Exemptions, there are a number of ways to exempt customers with those products from inside Salesforce CPQ.

Add an exemption number to a customer record

Enter an exemption number in the exemption number field on a customer account record. AvaTax recognizes the customer as exempt. However, it does not store customer exemption information.

To store customer exemption information, use CertCapture or Exemptions.

Add an entity use code to an account record

When you use an entity use code in Salesforce CPQ, AvaTax exempts transactions as long as the entity use code is valid for the jurisdiction where the transactions take place. However, it does not store customer exemption information. To keep a record of your exempt customers, use CertCapture or Exemptions.

For more information about available entity use codes, see the exempt reason matrix for the U.S. and Canada.

  1. Add an entity use code to a customer account record.
    1. Select a customer account record in Salesforce CPQ.
    2. Select an entity use code on the account record.
  2. Add an entity use code to a transaction.
    • Go to Orders, Opportunities, or Quotes, open the transaction you want to make exempt, and add an entity use code to it.
  3. Add an entity use code to an item record.
    1. Open an item record in Salesforce CPQ.
    2. Enter the entity use code or Avalara tax code appropriate to the exemption type.
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