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Customize page layouts in Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning

Customize the page layout for Account, Contact Point Address, and Product to take advantage of AvaTax functionality.


  1. In Salesforce Commerce B2B & B2C Lightning, select Setup and then select Setup. The Setup pane opens.
  2. On the Object Manager tab, choose the page type you want to customize.
  3. In the left pane, select Page Layouts, and then select Edit next to the page layout you're customizing.

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    If there are multiple page layouts for the page type, do the steps for each that you want to have the additional AvaTax functionality.
  4. Drag the following fields and buttons onto the indicated page, and then select Save:
    Page Fields Buttons Mobile & Lightning Actions
    • Business Identification Number
    • Exemption Number
    • Entity/Use code
    Contact Point Address  
    • Validate Address
    • Validate Address
    • Tax Code 
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