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Install and Configure Avalara Connector for OpenCart

This article applies to:Connector for Open Cart

The connector for this integration is in "sustaining" mode. This means there are no new versions planned, and current versions won't be enhanced. Any issues identified will only be fixed on an as needed basis.

After you activate AvaTax and set up your company profile, install and configure the connector for your business application. During configuration, customize your setup to fit your unique business needs for things like:

  • Tax calculation settings for various tax types
  • Exemption settings if you have exempt customers
  • Product taxability settings

Alter these settings when your business needs change.

Install Connector for OpenCart

Before you install Connector for OpenCart:

  • Make sure you're running the latest version of vQmod for your version of OpenCart.
  • Ensure that vQmod is installed and running in your OpenCart web store. Get more information here.
  • Ensure that SOAP service is enabled in your PHP environment. Get more information here.
  • Ensure that the default time zone is set in the php.ini file. Get more information here.

To install Connector for OpenCart:

  1. Download the Connector for OpenCart zip file and unzip the files in the following folders ,or contact Avalara Support for assistance:
    • admin
    • image
    • system
    • vqmod 
  2. Navigate to www.[]/vqmod/xml/extension_conflict_checker.php, and follow these steps:
    1. If your page displays an Access Forbidden error or doesn't open, confirm the user and the Avalara plugin folder have the required access permissions. For details, check \\vqmod\.htaccess. 
    2. If the screen below appears, Connector for OpenCart doesn't conflict with other extensions.  Skip to the Configure section below.                  
    3. If a screen like the one below appears, Connector for OpenCart conflicts with other extensions. Resolve these conflicts before using AvaTax.


    4. Delete all the Connector for OpenCart files that you copied into the System folder of your OpenCart directory.
    5. Delete all the Connector for OpenCart files that you copied into the Vqmod\xml folder of your OpenCart directory.

Configure Connector for OpenCart

To configure Connector for OpenCart to ensure it meets your sales tax needs: 

  1. In the OpenCart Admin Panel, go to System > Settings.
  2. To edit your default store details, under Action, click Edit .
  3. On the Avalara tab, fill in the fields, using the following as a guide:
    Section Field and description
    Avalara AvaTax Credentials
    • Account ID and License Key: View your account number in AvaTax. Select Settings > All AvaTax settings. The account number is listed at the top of the page as your Account ID. If you don't know your license key, get a new one.
    • Service URL: Select the type of account you're connecting to in AvaTax.
    • Test Connection: Click to test and confirm the information you entered in Account ID, License Key, and Service URL. If the test connection isn't successful, verify the credentials and confirm the user and the Avalara plugin folder have the required access permissions (\\system\AvaTax4PHP).
    • Company Name: The list of associated company names populates on successful verification.
    AvaTax Tax Profile Assistant

    User Name and Password: Enter the user name and password you use to log in to AvaTax. To use AvaTax Tax Profile Assistant to set up your tax profile, click Submit.

    Tax Calculation Settings Enable AvaTax Tax Calculation: Select to enable AvaTax for your store.
    Address Validation Settings
    • Enable AvaTax Address Validation: Select Yes to enable the AvaTax address validationHoverTT.png feature for  customer addresses and store addresses. Enabling this feature is recommended, but not required. Disabling this doesn't disable AvaTax address validations during tax calculations.
    • Return results in upper case: Select Yes to return the validated address in uppercase.
    • Only Validate Addresses in: Select where you want AvaTax to validate addresses.
    Customer Specific Settings
    • Do you want to save transaction on AvaTax: Select Yes to start saving your OpenCart invoices in AvaTax.
    • Enable Log: This function is primarily used for troubleshooting issues. If you choose to enable logging, all success, warning, and error messages are included in the log. Only enable logging if you've been instructed to do so by Avalara Support because it can significantly slow down your service.
    • Send Model Number/UPC/SKU to AvaTax: Select the tax code you want send from OpenCart to AvaTax. By default, the model number is sent to AvaTax. Using this feature may cause additional fees. Talk to your Account Manager for more information.
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