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Recalculate sales tax on transactions in NetSuite

This article applies to:Connector for NetSuite

If you have transactions for which sales tax wasn't calculated, or if you have transactions with errors, you may need to recalculate sales tax.


  1. In NetSuite, go to Avalara > Tax Recalculation > Create Recalculation Batch.
  2. On the Recalculation Utility page, select the parameters of your tax recalculation
    1. First, choose a batch name.
    2. Under Customer, choose a customer that has records that tax needs to be recalculated on.
    3. If you'd like, provide a description.
      This is optional.
    4. Under Record Type(s), select the types of records you want want to recalculate tax on.
    5. Under Filter Criteria, select a date range for the transactions you want to recalculate tax on.
    6. Select Submit.
  3. On the Recalculation Batches page, refresh the page until it says Complete under Batch Status for the batch you created.
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