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New address types for VAT customers and vendors

This article applies to:Connector for NetSuite

Connector for NetSuite has introduced three new address types for customers and one for vendors to support the location where goods are imported and the location where goods are located when there is no transportation or where a service or event is rendered. The table below describes address types available in AvaTax, including those added in AvaTax for VAT calculation.

Address types for customers

GOODS/SERVICE RENDERED ADDRESS This address is a must if you want to perform an EU triangulation.

The full address where the goods are located when there is no transportation. This is required when goods are already at their destination and no transport is involved.

POINT OF ORDER ORIGIN ADDRESS The location from where your customer (home or business) placed the order to you. This is used to determine the establishment country of your customer.
IMPORT ADDRESS This address is required if you want to perform a cross-border VAT transaction.

The full address where goods are imported into. This is required when goods are imported into a country that is different from the ship-to address.

Address type for vendors

POINT OF ORDER ACCEPTANCE The location where the order was accepted by your suppliers, such as a call center, business office where purchase orders are accepted, and server locations where orders are processed and accepted.

This address is used to determine the establishment country of your supplier in the transaction.

Select an address type for VAT customers and vendors

It is recommended to pass all the known addresses in a transaction, whenever possible.


  1. Log into NetSuite.
  2. Go to List > Relationships > Customers or Vendors > New or Edit.
  3. Select the Address tab.
  4. Under the Address tab, select the preferred address type. You can select only one address from the list for each address type.
  5. Select Save.
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