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India GST and GSTINs in NetSuite OneWorld

This article applies to:Connector for NetSuite

The appropriate types of India GST calculate automatically as long as you have set up AvaTax to calculate India GST and entered the correct origination and destination addresses.

India GST information on a transaction

Find GST India information in three places on a transaction:

  • Under Classification, find the header-level customer GSTIN in Customer GSTIN.
  • On individual item lines on the Item tab, find applicable India GST rates and amounts, any applicable cess rate and amount, the Harmonized System code (HSN) for the item, and the line-level customer GSTIN (if you’ve selected Enable Line Item Shipping).
  • In the AvaTax Transaction Details, find the details of India GST for the transaction in the Tax Details table.

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    To open the AvaTax Transaction Details, go to the AvaTax tab on the transaction, and then select the AvaTax Document Number.

GSTIN locations in NetSuite OneWorld

Open the desired entity and edit each applicable address to add the appropriate GSTIN to:

  • Your customer
  • Your company
  • Your subsidiary
  • Your location

Note that the GSTIN does not impact tax calculation.

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