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Create a custom entity use code in NetSuite

This article applies to:Connector for NetSuite

Generally, you should only create a custom entity/use code when certain customer-specific circumstances apply (for example, a partial exemption). Use existing entity/use codes for most situations.

Before you begin

In NetSuite, go to Avalara > Setup > Configure Avalara, and on the General tab, make sure the Enable Entity/Use Code box is selected.


  1. In NetSuite, go to Avalara > Setup > Entity/Use Code.
  2. On the Entity/Use Code List page, select New.
  3. On the Entity/Use Code page:
    • Under ENTITY/USE CODE ID, type the entity/use code (typically one letter).
    • Under DESCRIPTION, type a description for the entity/use code.
  4. Select Save.
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