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Classify items as pre-owned

This article applies to:Connector for NetSuite

The VAT also applies to the businesses that are selling second-hand goods.

You can mark an item as pre-owned at two different places in the Connector for NetSuite:

  • Item master
  • At line level in the transactions

Your selection of Pre-owned item details are retrieved from the item record and are displayed at the transaction line level under the PRE-OWNED Item check box.

Steps to mark the item as pre-owned in the item master


  1. Log into NetSuite.
  2. Go to Lists > Accounting > Items.
  3. Select or edit an item, and then select PRE-OWNED ITEM.

Steps to mark the item as pre-owned at line-level transactions


  1. Log into NetSuite.
  2. Create a transaction.
  3. In the CUSTOMER field, select a VAT customer.
  4. Add a line-level item and then check the PRE-OWNED item to mark it as a second-hand item.
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