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Assign your customer transactions in NetSuite to AvaTax for tax calculation

This article applies to:Connector for NetSuite

To make sure AvaTax calculates tax for all your customer transactions, add the AVATAX tax item to your customer records.

Before you begin

Before you assign a customer to AvaTax, create the AVATAX tax code. The steps are slightly different if you have customers in Canada.


Choose whether to assign the AVATAX tax item to one or many customers.

  1. To assign the AVATAX tax item to one customer:
    1. Select the customer record.
    2. Select Edit.
    3. Select the Financial tab.
    4. Under Tax Information, select the TAXABLE check box.
    5. Under Tax Item, select AVATAX or AVATAX-CAN for Canadian customers.
  2. To assign the AVATAX tax item to many customers at once:
    1. In NetSuite, go to Lists > Mass Update > Mass Updates.
      The Mass Update page opens.
    2. Expand General Updates and then select Customer.

      The customer Mass Update page opens.
    3. Choose the customers you want to assign to the AVATAX tax item.
      1. Enter "Assign customers to AvaTax" in the Title of Action field.
      2. Go to the Criteria tab and then select the appropriate filter for the customers you'd like to assign to AvaTax.
      3. Go to the Mass Update Fields tab.
        • Select the Apply and Value check boxes next to Taxable.
        • Select the Apply check box next to Tax Item, and then select AVATAX from the dropdown menu in the Value column. If working with Canadian customers, select AVATAX-CAN.

      4. Go to the Schedule tab and select Single Event.
        There's no need to repeatedly assign the same customers to AvaTax.
      5. Select Save.
        The utility assigns your customers to the AVATAX tax item.
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