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View and Download Exemption Certificates

This article applies to:Connector for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

View exemption certificateHoverTT.png details such as the exemption certificate number. Download exemption certificates in order to save a copy for your records.

Retrieve an exemption certificate

  1. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV, go to Departments > Sales and Marketing > Order Processing > Customers.
  2. In the Customers window:
    • To retrieve the certificate status, click Navigate > CertCapture > Retrieve certificate(s) status or select a customer and then click CertCapture > Retrieve certificate(s) status. The View - Certificate Status window displays a list of exemption certificates and their request status. 
    • To retrieve the certificate, you can either click Navigate > AvaCert Exemption > Retrieve certificate(s) status or select a customer and then click CertCapture > Retrieve certificate(s). Go to Edit - Certificate Details > Certificate Details tab and select the certificate. To download the certificate, click the following buttons and follow the steps in your computer for downloading a document.
      • To download the certificate in .png format, click Get Certificate as PNG.
      • To download the certificate in .pdf format, click Get Certificate as PDF.
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