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Set User Preferences for Connector for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

This article applies to:Connector for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Set and edit your user preferences in Connector for Microsoft Dynamics NAV to control settings such as warning messages and address validation.

Set user preferences for Connector for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  1. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV on the left pane, click Departments, click AvaTax, and then click Utilities.
  2. On the right pane under Administration, click AvaTax User Preferences.
  3. In the Edit - AvaTax User Preferences dialog box, under User ID, select the user ID whose preferences you want to change.
  4. In the columns to the right, follow any of these steps:
  • Click or clear Warning to enable or disable warning messages in AvaTax.
  • Click or clear Disable Tax Calculation to enable or disable AvaTax tax calculation.
  • Click or clear Disable Address Validation to enable or disable AvaTax address validation.
  • Click or clear Show statistics to enable or disable your ability to view the AvaTax document statistics window.


We recommend that you do not click Disable Tax Calculation. If you do, the user whose ID you edited can create documents in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, but cannot post them to AvaTax, so no tax is calculated on those documents.


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