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Post Asynchronous Transactions

This article applies to:Connector for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Use the Asynchronous Posting utility to post transactions to AvaTax that are already posted to Microsoft Dynamics NAV but not posted to AvaTax. 

Before you begin

In AvaTax configuration, on the Tax Calculation FastTab, make sure Enable Asynchronous AvaTax Posting is enabled.

  • If this option is  disabled, the transactions are posted synchronously, i.e. during the posting operation, AvaTax calculates sales tax, and then posts the transaction to both Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AvaTax. After posting, the Doc Status of this transaction is shown as Committed  in AvaTax. 
  • If this option is enabled, the transactions are not posted to AvaTax during the posting operation. AvaTax calculates sales tax and then posts the transaction to Microsoft Dynamics NAV only. The Doc Status of this transaction is shown as Uncommitted in AvaTax. To post the transaction in AvaTax, use the Asynchronous Posting utility. After you run this utility, the Doc Status of this transaction is shown as Committed  in AvaTax. 

Use the Asynchronous Posting utility

  1. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV, go to Avalara AvaTax > Utilities > Asynchronous Posting. The AvaTax Asynchronous Posting window opens.
  2. To filter the transactions that you want to post to AvaTax, select the Start Date and End Date and/or the Document Filter, and then click Apply Filter.
  3. To post the listed transactions to AvaTax, click Post AvaTax, and then click Yes when the "Would you like to commit the selected transactions?" message displays.

If you prefer to automate asynchronous posting, schedule the job in the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV job scheduler.


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