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View the status of a CertCapture exemption certificate request in Microsoft Dynamics GP

This article applies to:Connector for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Check the status of CertCapture exemption certificate request in Microsoft Dynamics GP.


  1. In Microsoft Dynamics GP, go to Cards > Sales > Customer.
  2. On the Customer Maintenance screen, select Address.
  3. On the Customer Address Maintenance screen, go to Additional > ​Retrieve Certificate(s) Status.
  4. On the AvaTax Exemption Certificate Status screen, view the list of exemption certificates and their request status, and then select OK. There are three possible statuses in Request Stage:
    • REQUESTINITIATED - You sent an email, fax, or letter requesting an exemption certificate to the customer.
    • CUSTOMERRESPONDED - The customer received an exemption certificate request and has responded to it by entering the wizard, but hasn’t yet sent the completed certificate. 
    • CERTIFICATERECEIVED - You've received the completed exemption certificate and it's ready to be retrieved.