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Validate addresses in bulk using the Address Validation Batch Utility

This article applies to:Connector for Microsoft Dynamics GP

You can also use the Microsoft Dynamics GP Address Validation Batch Utility to validate addresses in bulk. AvaTax address validation is a feature that verifies, corrects, and formats addresses. At this time, AvaTax only validates addresses in the United States and Canada. Validating addresses may incur additional usage fees.

To validate addresses, make sure address validation options are enabled when you configure Connector for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Validate addresses in bulk


  1. In Microsoft Dynamics GP, go to Microsoft Dynamics GPTools > Utilities > Avalara AvaTax > Update > Address Validation Batch Utility.
  2. Select appropriate values for the following options:  
    • Content Type - Valid content types are: Customer, Vendor, and Site.
    • Customer ID from - Select the start range.
    • Customer ID to - Select the end range.
    • Vendor ID from - Select the start range.
    • Vendor ID to - Select the end range.
    • Country - Select a country.
    • State From - Select the start range.
    • State To - Select the end range. 
  3. Select Validate.
    The Address Validation Batch Utility scans for the addresses based on the content type and other filters. Note that the batch utility skips the addresses that are already validated.
    To reset the status of already validated addresses, go to Administration > Setup > Avalara AvaTax > Configuration > Address Validation and then select Reset.
  4. Check the content type for which you want to accept the validated addresses and then select Accept.
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