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Map an item to a UPC in Microsoft Dynamics GP

This article applies to:Connector for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Send the UPC or model number from Microsoft Dynamics GP to AvaTax. If the UPC isn't available, the model number is set as the default and sent to AvaTax.


  1. Enable UPC code mapping in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
    1. In Microsoft Dynamics GP, go to Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > System > Avalara AvaTax > Configuration.
    2. Select Use UPC as Item Code if it is not already selected.
  2. Map items to UPCs.
    1. Next to Use UPC as Item Code, select Item UPC Mapping.
      The AvaTax UPC Code Mapping window displays.
    2. In the AvaTax UPC Code Mapping window, use Item Number From and Item Number To to select the range of items.
    3. Select Redisplay.
    4. Add UPCs to items in the list.
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