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Add a customer to CertCapture from Microsoft Dynamics GP

This article applies to:Connector for Microsoft Dynamics GP

You can add one customer record at a time to CertCapture without leaving Microsoft Dynamics GP. If you want to add many customer records to CertCapture, import them directly into CertCapture.

Before you begin

Make sure you also subscribe to CertCapture.

Tip icon

If you have CertCapture but get an error while doing the steps below that tells you to contact support to enable this service, review and follow the steps for troubleshooting this error.


  1. In Microsoft Dynamics GP, go to Cards > Sales > Customer.
  2. Select a Customer ID.
  3. After the customer information appears, select Address ID.
  4. In the menu of the Customer Address Maintenance box, select Additional > CertCapture Create Customer.
  5. In the Create Customer Record window:
    1. Type the required details for your customer, and then select Validate to validate the address.
    2. After receiving a message indicating the address is validated, go to the Create Customer tab.
      A pop-up that says "Customer successfully created" displayed.