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Validate addresses in a batch in Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Use the Batch Address Validation utility to validate multiple addresses at once.

Before you begin

Go to Modules > Avalara AvaTax > Setup > Set Up the AvaTax Connector and, on the Address Validation tab, ensure that:

  • Disable AvaTax Address Validation is set to No 
  • The United States and Canada are selected for address validation 

Validate multiple addresses at one time

  1. In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, go to Modules > Avalara AvaTax > Utilities > Customer/Vendor Level Utilities > Batch Address Validation. The Batch Address Validation window opens.
  2. Select the type of addresses to validate.
  3. To limit validation to addresses for customers in a particular place, select the place.
  4. Select Set Inquiry. In the Batch Address Validation window, the table displays the status of the addresses that AvaTax validated.

Update an invalid address in the Batch Address Validation utility

After running the Batch Address Validation utility, correct invalid addresses.

  1. In the table of validated addresses, select an address with an error message.
  2. Below the table, edit the original address, and then select Validate.
  3. When a valid address displays, select Accept.
  4. After you update all invalid address, select OK. Addresses are updated on the customer record.