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Change Settings in Avalara Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

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Change Settings to customize how AvaTax and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service work together.

Change Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service configuration settings

  1. Log in to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service as a System Customizer.
  2. Go to Settings > Customization > Solutions > AvalaraFieldService > Configuration.
  3. On the AvaTax Configuration page, fill in the following fields, and then click Connect to AvaTax:
    Field Action
    • Account Number
    • License Key
    Use the information provided in an email from Avalara (sent to the email account you used to activate your account). It must match what's saved in AvaTax.
    Environment If using a development account, choose Sandbox.
    Select your AvaTax Company Every business application that works with AvaTax uses a company code to identify itself to AvaTax. Select the company code you made when you created your company in AvaTax.

Change AvaTax extension settings

  1. Go to Settings > Extensions > Avalara Tax.
  2. On the AvalaraTax page, set the following options, and then click Save.
    Field Action
    • WebService
    • AvaTax Account Number
    • AvaTax License Key
    • Company Code
    To change these fields, return to the AvaTax Configuration page and edit information previously entered there.
    Commit to AvaTax Choose whether to commit a transaction to AvaTax when the invoice is created or when the invoice is paid.
    Enable Logging Optional: This function is primarily used for troubleshooting issues. If you choose to enable logging, all success, warning, and error messages are included in the log. Only enable logging if you've been instructed to do so by Avalara Support because it can significantly slow down your service.
    Disable Tax Calculation Optional: If you select Disable Tax Calculation, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service no longer uses AvaTax to calculate tax on transactions.
    Disable Address Validation Optional: If you select Disable Address Validation, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service no longer uses AvaTax to validate addresses.
    Shipping Origin Optional: Configure the location to use as the default address for shipping origin on transactions.
    Shipping Tax Code Optional: Choose the Avalara tax code to use as the default tax code for shipping.
    Version Displays the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service version and the connector version.