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Connector for Concur Invoice Release Notes Archive

Connector for Concur Invoice (2018 Releases)

August 31, 2018

Release 6.0 


  • Concur Invoice now supports tax on credit memos
  • Concur Invoice now allows you to map Concur entity codes to AvaTax company codes
  • Concur Invoice now passes the address code as the location code to AvaTax

Connector for Concur Invoice (2017 Releases)

October 10, 2017

Release 5.1


  • Minor enhancements and fixes

June 13, 2017

Release 5.0

April 25, 2017

Release 4.3


  • Minor enhancements and fixes 

April 13, 2017

Release 4.2

  • Fixed an SST compliance issue where transactions were missing item descriptions  ​​​​​

April 3, 2017

Release 4.1

  • Minor enhancements and fixes

January 17, 2017

Release 4.0

  • Improved user interface
  • You can now edit the Username and Password in Concur Configuration
  • Fixed the issue where the configuration changes were incorrectly recorded in the Activity Logs

Connector for Concur Invoice (2016 Releases)

November 17, 2016

Release 3.0




  • Fixed the issue where the location code was incorrect

October 3, 2016

Release 2.0


  • Improved user interface


  • Minor improvements and fixes

August 9, 2016

Release 1.4


  • For an item, the commodity code is now sent as the tax code by Concur Invoice to AvaTax for Concur Invoice. For items that don't have a commodity code, AvaTax uses P0000000 as the tax code

April 29, 2016

Avalara release 1.3

  • Avalara configuration now lists both the Company Name and the Company Code

Connector for Concur Invoice (2015 Releases)

December 3, 2015

Release 1.0

  • Added Avalara Configuration page for setting AvaTax configurations
    • Validate Account button: Click the Validate Account button to test your AvaTax credentials and connection of Concur Invoice with AvaTax
    • Save transaction in AvaTax? option: Click Yes to save a transaction from Concur Invoice with the document status as Committed. Click No if you do not want to save the transaction in AvaTax.
    • Integration Status option: Click Active to activate the AvaTax integration with Concur Invoice and start tax calculation on transactions. Click Inactive to stop tax calculation on transactions.
    • AvaTax link: Added link to access AvaTax directly
  • Added the Activity Logs page. This page has 3 sections and displays the Configuration audit details, Transaction details, and the AvaTax Error Log.
  • For a line item, the Expense Type in Concur Invoice is shown as the Item Code in AvaTax
  • To dictate product taxability, associate an item or a group of items to an AvaTax System Tax Code. By default, P0000000 is passed as the tax code for all the line items excluding shipping.
  • The freight charge is considered as a separate line item in AvaTax and is assigned an appropriate tax code