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Set up or change Use Type and display Tax Breakup from Salesforce storefront

This article applies to:AvaTax

As a B2B company administrator, you can also set up or change the Use Type attribute from the Salesforce storefront. The updated Use Type value is updated in the Salesforce admin console as the default Use Type.


By using above Flows setup, Use Type will be available on the Checkout page.


  1. Go to Storefront
  2. Select the product which has all information available in the AvaTax custom fields as mentioned above.
  3. Add the product to the Cart and go to checkout page.
  4. In the Delivery Method, you’ll find the option to select the Use Type option. It’ll have default values selected from the AvaTax configuration page
  5. To modify the existing value, click on the Use Type drop down to select the available values from it and click on the Save button available just below the table.

  6. On clicking Save, it’ll override the Use Type option for the product and it is applicable for till the product is available in the cart.
  7. On clicking the next button, it’ll proceed to the Checkout Summary section which will display the TAX DETAILS section which will have tax breakup 
  8. A tax breakup summary for the order is displayed. The tax breakup shows the included, added, or subtracted taxes, as applicable. 



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