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Reconcile transactions

This article applies to:Connector for Stripe Invoicing

When you reconcile transactions, you compare document amounts in Stripe Invoicing with those in AvaTax. For help troubleshooting reconciliation issues, see Troubleshoot Reconciliation Discrepancies.


  1. Go to the AvaTax for Stripe Invoicing website and select Connect with Stripe.
  2. Select Sign in with Stripe to Connect and then sign in with your Stripe Invoicing account credentials.
  3. On the Reconciliation tab, select the customer whose transactions you want to reconcile.
    • If you know the customer ID, enter it in Retrieve Customer and then select Search.
    • If you don’t know the customer ID, select List All Customers, select Search, and then select the customer from the customer list.
  4. Select the date range of the transactions to reconcile. The range can't be longer than 90 days, and the most recent 90-day range is selected by default.
  5. Select Search. Transactions with values that differ between AvaTax and Stripe Invoicing display.
    • Inconsistent Invoice List (drafted/voided) displays invoices that have not yet been committed and can be updated via the Reconciliation tab.
    • Inconsistent Invoice List (committed/voided) displays invoices that have already been committed and therefore cannot be updated via the Reconciliation tab.
  6. Select the transactions you want to reconcile and then select Send to Recalculation. AvaTax recalculates the tax on those transactions and updates their values in Stripe Invoicing and in AvaTax.

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    Reconciliation can take a while. Leave the browser open until the AvaTax for Stripe Invoicing site refreshes and no longer displays the transactions.
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