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Connect Stripe Invoicing to Avalara AvaTax

This article applies to:Connector for Stripe Invoicing


Before you begin

  • You must have created a company in your Avalara account.

Connect AvaTax to Stripe Invoicing

Connect AvaTax to Stripe Invoicing. To do so, connect one or more companies created in your AvaTax account to your Stripe Invoicing account.


  1. Sign in to AvaTax for Stripe if you are not signed in already.
  2. In Avalara, go to the Setup page. (This is the default page that appears after you sign in as a new user.)
  3. From the Select Company drop-down list, select one company and click Link Company.
  4. On the Setup page, enter the origin address of your business for tax calculation.
  5. Click Save to open Link your AvaTax and Stripe account.
  6. Beside Webhook link for Stripe integration, copy the link.
  7. Go to your Stripe Invoicing dashboard, and then click the following text to switch to the environment you want to connect to AvaTax if you're not already there:
    • If View test data displays, you're in the production environment.

    • If Viewing test data displays, you're in the test environment.

  8. Go to Developers > Webhooks, and then click Add endpoint.
  9. On the Listen to Stripe events page, under Endpoint URL, paste the webhook link you copied.
  10. Click + Select events to open the events list. 
  11. Filter the events that are supported by AvaTax:
    • Invoice.created
    • Invoice.updated
    • Customer.created
    • Customer.updated
    • Charge.refunded
    • Charge.succeeded
  12. Click Add events > Add endpoint to complete webhook configuration and exit. 
  13. On the Stripe dashboard, select the webhook endpoint created for AvaTax, and then click Reveal under Signing secret to reveal the Signing secret.
  14. Copy the revealed signing secret, and paste it in the Webhook signing secret text box on the AvaTax configuration page.
  15. Click Save Configuration to connect AvaTax to Stripe Invoicing.
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