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Avalara Connector for Stripe Invoicing Release Notes Archive

This article applies to:Connector for Stripe Invoicing

Connector for Stripe Invoicing (2018 releases)

October 26, 2018

Release 10.0 


  • Added support for Stripe webhook authorization for inbound (to AvaTax) traffic/calls

May 28, 2018

Release 9.0 


  • You can now login to AvaTax for Stripe Invoicing portal using your stripe credentials.
  • Simplified AvaTax for Stripe Invoicing Setup page.


  • Fixed the issue where an error was not captured if shipping or billing address was incorrect
  • Fixed the issue where the tax was not getting calculated for multiple subscription lines in stripe invoices

Connector for Stripe Invoicing (2017 releases)

August 31, 2017

Release 8.4


  • Minor enhancements and fixes

July 19, 2017

Release 8.3

  • You can now calculate sales tax for an invoice with up to 248 item lines. Stripe Invoicing supports adding 250 line items per invoice, but as AvaTax requires two lines to display the tax details, you can add up to 248 item lines.

July 5, 2017

Release 8.2

  • Minor improvements and fixes

Connector for Stripe Invoicing (2016 releases)

December 28, 2016

Release 8.1

  • Fixed connectivity issue

November 15, 2016

Release 8.0

  • Minor improvements and fixes

October 5, 2016

Release 7.1

  • Added support for multi-currency invoices and charge transactions

July 6, 2016

Release 7.0

  • Minor improvements and fixes

April 4, 2016

Release 6.0

  • Fixed an issue where multiple tax lines were displayed for an item in a recurring invoice

February 22, 2016

Release 5.0

  • Customize the text that appears for an AvaTax invoice tax line and AvaTax charge description

Connector for Stripe Invoicing (2015 releases)

December 16, 2015

Release 4.0

  • Issue a refund for payment.
  • Close an invoice in Stripe Invoicing before it is paid. The status of the corresponding document in AvaTax is changed to void.
  • You can now choose to send the UPC code instead of the item code to dictate product taxability. By default, the item code is sent to AvaTax.
  • Reset your password and receive an email with a link to reset your password
  • The TIN/BIN field is no longer available on the free trial account creation page. You can view the default TIN/BIN number but can only change it from AvaTax
  • Added discount functionality. AvaTax for Stripe Invoicing now considers Stripe Invoicing-defined discount while calculating sales tax for an item
  • You can now validate an addressHoverTT.png if the Address Line 1 in AvaTax Configuration only has the address details
  • For calculating sales tax for a charge, Address Line 1 in AvaTax Configuration is no longer mandatory
  • Fixed the issue with associating an existing AvaTax account with Stripe Invoicing

November 3, 2015

Release 3.2

  • Fixed the issue of repetitive tax on an invoice
  • Removed the company code read-only field from the self-provisioning process

October 15, 2015

Release 3.1

  • Fixed the "AvaTax Error: An Address is incomplete or invalid" error generated while creating a charge. The shipping address for a charge can now be sent in the charge metadata or the charge source.

September 29, 2015

Release 3.0

  • You are now able to calculate sales tax on Stripe Invoicing Charge generated from Stripe Invoicing payment for:
    • Invoice
    • Customer
    • Card
  • Self-provisioning feature lets new users create an AvaTax account and company with trial plan of 30 days without any assistance
  • Logs on the Activity Info page are now more user friendly and informative
  • Fixed issues with tax calculation for direct charges
  • Fixed errors that were generated when closed invoices attempted to update posted transactions

July 29, 2015

Release 2.0

  • Added address validationHoverTT.png support for US and Canadian addresses
  • Added Input VAT functionality for European countries 
  • Improved user interface

May 12, 2015

Release 1.0

  • AvaTax integration for Stripe Invoicing
  • Easy setup and configuration
  • Calculate tax on invoices and recurring invoices based on your AvaTax configuration settings
  • Choose to include or exclude the tax amount in the invoice amount by setting the Is Tax Inclusive in the Invoice Amount option in the AvaTax configuration settings
  • Choose to set the metadata used for communication from Stripe Invoicing to AvaTax for tax calculation at the following levels:
    • Invoice item
    • Invoice
    • Customer
    • Global (website)
  • The Update Customer page helps customers add their details and send information to Stripe Invoicing in the required metadata format
  • The Activity Log page displays the log of errors
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