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Information you need to set up returns

This article applies to:Avalara Returns

Managed Returns and Returns for Small Business work best when they're automated, which means you'll need to give us some information about your business to begin.  Gathering the information ahead of time helps you set up your returns as quickly as possible.

To keep track of the information you'll be gathering, open a word processor or spreadsheet (or grab a pen and paper).


What do you need to set up returns

  • Bank name and address
    This is the bank from which you want us to pay tax.
  • Bank account and routing numbers
    Look for this information on a check:
    PaymentMethods_BANK HELP.png

  • A list of returns you file
    To know the possible returns you can file, see State return forms for small businesses.
  • Filing frequencies and dates for each return
    For information on filing frequencies, see Filing frequencies.
  • Jurisdictions for which late returns need to be filed
    Identify jurisdictions where you want us to file late returns for you. For more information, see Ammend and file a late return.
  • E-filing user names and passwords
    You need electronic filing credentials for each state where you file. Some jurisdictions have additional e-filing requirements; check for those as well. For help finding login information for a particular state, contact the state's Department of Revenue.

  • Company locations in states with location-based filing (Managed Returns only)
    Check each form you use to file returns to see if that state requires location-based filing—that is, filing a separate return for each company location. For states with this requirement, gather all your company locations. If you're not sure of the requirements, contact the state's Department of Revenue.

  • A contact at your company
    Give us the phone number or email of your company's tax-compliance manager or accountant.  

Once you've gathered your company's tax return information, you're ready to set up Managed Returns. 


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