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Set up Extractor for Shopify

Set up Extractor for Shopify and authorize our connection to your Shopify account. This lets you automatically sync your Shopify transactions with Avalara so they're included on your returns.

If you have more than one company with Shopify, add each company to your profile and set up Extractor for Shopify for each additional company.

Before you begin

  • Create your initial company.
  • Turn off importing transactions from Shopify to Avalara via connector if you're also using a connector and don't want duplicate transactions in Avalara.


  1. In Avalara, go to Settings > Integrations.
  2. Select Connect to Shopify to sync transactions.

    Tip icon

    Setting up Extractor for Shopify for an additional company? Select Add another connection to Extractor for Shopify.

  3. Select the company in Avalara to which you want to add Shopify transactions.
    The company you select determines which steps automatically display during the rest of Extractor setup.
  4. Select the transaction date to use as the start date for synchronizing.
    The start date should align with your current filing period requirements and not be earlier than what needs to be included on current returns. The extractor will sync all transactions from that date through the day you set up the extractor.
  5. Continue with setup.
    • If the company you chose does not have marketplace locations and is not enrolled in a Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement (SST) program, select Connect and go straight to step 8.
    • If the company you chose does have marketplace locations and is enrolled in an SST program, select Continue and go straight to step 7.
    • If the company you chose doesn't fit either of the previous descriptions, select Continue and go to step 6.
  6. Make sure we have the right information about where Shopify collects and pays tax for you.
    • If everything looks good and the company you chose is not enrolled in an SST program, select Connect and go straight to step 8.
    • If everything looks good and the company you chose is enrolled in an SST program, select Continue.
    • If you need to change which states are selected, select I have opted out of Shopify tax collection for one or more states, make sure only the states for which Shopify collects and pays tax for you are selected, and then select Save.
  7. If the company you chose is enrolled in an SST program, read the information about handling calculation differences and select Connect to accept and finish.
  8. Using the directions that display, enter the Shopify store URL, sign in to Shopify, and then select Install App.
    Your Shopify transactions sync immediately. Depending on how many transactions need to sync, this initial sync can take a while.

    A warning icon

    Extractor for Shopify only imports transactions that originate in Shopify.

After the initial sync, your transactions automatically sync daily. Use the data source ID to find transactions imported from the company.

To check imported transactions for variance (any difference between tax we calculated and what your marketplace calculated), use one of the available reports.

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