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Set up syncing QuickBooks Online with TrustFile

You can automatically sync QuickBooks Online with TrustFile. To do so, authorize TrustFile connecting to QuickBooks Online.


  1. Log in to TrustFile, select Data Sources, and then select QuickBooks Online.
  2. Enter the name you want displayed for this connection in TrustFile.
  3. Select the initial transaction start date for transactions to synchronize, select Connect, and then select Authorize.
    The start date should align with your current filing period requirements. Do not select a date farther back than what needs to be included on current returns.

    Note: Once the start date is set, it is not recommended to update the past transaction details, even if the transaction happened before your start date. Because If you update a transaction, then that update will be pulled by the extractor in the daily pull. 
  4. Use the window that displays to log in to QuickBooks Online to establish the connection. A success message displays and the sync begins. 
    The initial sync can take some time, depending on how much information needs to be imported. If you don't see all of your transactions from QuickBooks Online in TrustFile within 24 hours, contact Avalara Support. After the initial sync, QuickBooks Online syncs every 6 hours.
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