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Reconcile transactions using the Reconciliation Utility in QuickBooks Online

This article applies to:Connector for QuickBooks Online

If you need to reconcile your QuickBooks Online transaction data with transactions posted in AvaTax, use the Reconciliation Utility.


  1. In QuickBooks Online, select Reconciliation Utility.
  2. Select the date range for transactions to reconcile and then select Search. Transactions that have inconsistent information between QuickBooks Online and AvaTax display under Inconsistent Transaction List.

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    The date range cannot be longer than 90 days

  3. Select the transactions to reconcile and then select Send to Recalculation. AvaTax recalculates tax on the transactions and updates tax amounts.
  4. Select Refresh to see changes to the transactions you selected. When reconciliation completes, they no longer display in the list.
    Depending on how many transactions you selected, reconciliation can take up to a few minutes.
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