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Install and connect to Avalara AvaTax

This article applies to:Connector for QuickBooks Online

After you activate your company profile in AvaTax, install the Avalara AvaTax app and connect QuickBooks Online to AvaTax.

Before you begin

You must have Master Admin and Company Admin access to install and configure Avalara AvaTax for QuickBooks Online.

Install Avalara AvaTax


  1. Sign in to QuickBooks Online, and go to Apps.
  2. On the Find Apps page, type avalara in the search box.

    The Avalara AvaTax appears in the search list.
  3. Click Avalara AvaTax to open app Overview.
  4. On the Overview page, click Get app now.
  5. On the Avalara-QBO connect page, click Connect.

    Note: By clicking Connect, you give AvaTax permission to access the information in your QuickBooks Online account.
  6. On the Avalara AvaTax for QuickBooks Online page, click AvaTax Signin.
  7. Sign in by using your AvaTax account.

    The Avalara AvaTax's Manage your integration page is displayed.
QuickBooks Online is now connected to AvaTax and ready to send transactions for tax calculation. To further customize the way QuickBooks Online interacts with AvaTax, see View and Update AvaTax Settings for QuickBooks Online
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