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Get started with Connector for QuickBooks Online

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Welcome to AvaTax. Let's get AvaTax set up to automate tax calculations for your business based on the latest rules and rates in our system.


Setting up AvaTax to automate tax calculations for your business involves four essential milestones, plus a fifth if you're setting up Managed Returns. Each milestone links to detailed step-by-step instructions to help you successfully complete each one. 

Before you begin

Gather the information you need to set up AvaTax.

  1. Create a company profile.
    Start by telling us a little about your company and where you are registered to collect and pay tax.  
  2. Connect QuickBooks Online to AvaTax.
    Get your transactions flowing to AvaTax for automated tax calculation.
  3. Fine-tune your company profile.
    Adjust product taxability and learn about options for exempting customers. 
  4. Test your setup.
    Preview tax calculations and make sure the connection is working. 
  5. Set up your sales tax returns.
    Complete this milestone only if you purchased Managed Returns. Import transactions, if needed. Schedule your returns and send them to our compliance team for review.

For customers with AvaTax sandbox accounts: After you set up and test your account, contact your implementation specialist or the Avalara Customer Center for help copying your setup to your production account.


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